Scheduled Dates

10/14/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
10/20/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
10/21/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
10/27/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
10/28/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
11/3/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
11/4/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
11/10/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
11/11/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
11/17/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
11/18/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
11/24/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
11/25/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
12/1/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
12/2/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
12/8/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM
12/9/2020   04:30 PM  05:30 PM

Get Outside Power Hour: Teaching in Your School Forest, School Grounds, and Your Community

Dates: 10/14/2020 to 12/9/2020
Schedule: Tu We 04:30 PM - 05:30 PM

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Located in : Online, Canvas
Instructor: Kate Flick

Get support for teaching in your place outside. In this series of chats, we will explore various topics related to outdoor education each month. We will draw on LEAF’s expertise and our network of experienced teachers to host a general Q & A, facilitate meaningful discussions, troubleshoot and share ideas amongst each other, and learn at least one hands-on activity that is easy for students to do outside or remotely. We hope to create a sounding board and idea generation place for educators to handle the emerging COVID-19 conditions.

If you wish to receive a certificate of participation with the number of hours you participated, you must sign up for the entire series. If not, you can just select the sessions you wish to join. We're all in this together!

Additional Information

Please IGNORE the View complete list of dates link at the top of this page. The sessions are listed below. Upon registration you will be prompted to select either the entire series or you may select only your choices in the registration process:


Tips and Tricks for Using Outdoor Settings: Breathing Free

Wednesday, October 14 at 4:30 PM

The outdoors allows a space in which students can breathe free.  However, as an educator you might have questions about how to manage a class outdoors. This conversation provides support in how you might do this successfully. Topics are free range but include, managing small groups and special needs, engaging in meaningful student-led discussions, getting other teachers on board, differences in indoor outdoor behavior expectations, building routines, safety concerns and using tools, end cues for clean up, and blocking/using distractions.


Enhancing the Use of School Gardens, School Forests, School Grounds as Living Learning Environments

Tuesday, November 10 at 4:30 PM

Your classroom is your turf. Why not extend your classroom to your outdoor environment. We will discuss designing temporary and permanent sites outside for your classroom. You can hear school forest 101, resources for building outdoor classrooms, and more.


Socially Distant Learning, Activities, and Building Teamwork

Wednesday, December 9 at 4:30 PM

You’ve gone through a semester of learning with COVID-19. Let’s share successes and failures of what you’ve gone through. What are the most important learning lessons?


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