Project Learning Tree: Climate Change and Our Forests Workshop for Secondary Educators


Perhaps more than any other current events issue, the topic of climate change challenges science teachers and students to accurately convey data, reveal assumptions, and engage critical-thinking skills. Project Learning Tree resources can help educators meet these challenges, introducing and educating students to some of the complex issues involved in climate change. 

With these resources, as with all PLT materials, educators can help students learn how to think, not what to think, about the environment. PLT’s Southeastern Forests and Climate Change is a rigorous, high school level guide that helps educators teach about climate change impacts on forest ecosystems, the role of forests in sequestering carbon, and strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to changing climatic conditions. Participants will also receive PLT’s new Carbon & Climate middle school curriculum, which contains outstanding NGSS-based lessons that can be adapted for the secondary level.


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