Teacher Work Group II: Developing a Middle School/High School Forestry Class


You are cordially invited to the next meeting of the LEAF Forestry Task Force. The Task Force is made up of educators and stake holders committed to development of an online secondary education Forestry curriculum resource, specific to Wisconsin. We are developing a course scope and sequence and are asking for your help with our next steps. You are invited because we value your professional experience and expertise. If you have participated in any of our meetings, we thank you. If you are new to the process, please consider based on the information below. Amazing educators like yourself have developed wonderful lessons and curriculum.LEAF is contacted several times per year by teachers who ask for forestry units, curricula and lessons to teach at the middle/high school levels. These teachers are either new to the subject or recently certified teachers. While the LEAF Forestry Lesson Guides provide lessons on some important topics, it was never intended as a complete course. Therefore, LEAF decided to pursue development of a forestry educational resource by teachers for teachers which could be tapped for a simple lesson, unit, or complete semester or year-long course.


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