Personal, Uncanned and Consequential: Real data-driven inquiry with students' own utility meters


Still searching for digital supplements to your energy or climate unit? Join us virtually for our Energy and Climate Resource Expo to preview one or all four of these free online learning resources. We’ll start with a brief tutorial of each platform and its benefits, then allow you time to explore, ask questions, and even register your classroom.

KEEP and its partners bring you resources ideal for inquiry-based, real-world, data-driven explorations for authentic and purposeful learning.

Free to Wisconsin schools, with support from KEEP and its partners. Accessible to students learning digitally in the classroom or at-home. Perfect for project-based, STEM, social studies, and/or science classrooms or green clubs.

Featured Resource: MeterHero
"I loved the real world application for the students. It is great to see a way for students to collect real data, analyze it and then effect real change. Most of the educational units out there are canned and don’t have real impact. They allow for the data collection and analysis but stop short of making an impact. MeterHero [takes] that next step into real life." Amy, Head of School

Best for middle and high school Science; AP Environmental Science version available

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