Homeowner Package-TEST


This package provides a routine evaluation of a private well water system. 

It includes two of the most important tests to perform regularly on a private well (bacteria & nitrate). Perform this test package if you are unsure of what to test for.

Basic Homeowner Package includes:

1. Total Coliform Bacteria (includes E-coli result when bacteria is present): Tests the bacteriological safety of a water supply. Important to perform routinely on every private well.

2. Nitrate-Nitrogen: Nitrate is one of the most widespread contaminants in Wisconsin groundwater. It is also an important test to perform routinely on every private well.

3. pH: Measure of water acidity. Useful in assessing the corrosivity of water to plumbing.

4. Alkalinity: Amount of bicarbonate (acid neutralizing capacity), the major anion in water, related to pH
and corrosivity

5. Hardness: Measure of the amount of calcium and magnesium carbonates. Important if water softening
is considered.

6. Chloride: Indicates contamination from septic systems, fertilizer, landfills, or road salt.

7. Conductivity: Measure of total dissolved minerals in water. Change in conductivity or unusual ratio of conductivity to hardness may signal presence of contaminants.

8. Corrosivity Index: This measures the tendency of water to be corrosive or scale forming.