Shoreline Living Booklet - 5 pack

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Shoreline Living Booklet

There’s something magical about spending time at a lake, whether you’re swimming, boating, fishing, or just sitting and listening to the lapping waves. There are simple steps property owners can take to keep their lakes clean and healthy for generations to come. Shoreline Living shares the examples of five property owners who have taken steps in their own way to do their part to care for the lake. From small steps on a relatively manicured property to an almost fully forested and natural landscape, the articles within feature the efforts of people just like you.

This publication was created by the Midwest Glacial Lake Partnership and can be ordered as a set of 5 (here), or individually or set of 30 (use the back button in your browser and choose one of the other options that suits your needs).

If you are interested in a bulk order, contact Erin Fuller for information. 

You can download copies of this document for free (web and print versions) from the Midwest Glacial Lakes Partnership.