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Lakes and Rivers Convention Wednesday Workshops


Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention
Wisconsin Waters 2020
Focusing on Resilient Lakes and Rivers

April 1 - 3, 2020 - Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Pre-Convention Workshops - Wednesday, April 1

On this page you can register for pre-Convention workshops, as well as the optional Wednesday luncheon. For more details about the 2020 Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers Convention, click HERE.

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event Schedule

09:00 AM-12:00 PM
Add Climate Adaptation Training

This workshop will give participants enough background on climate change impacts and adaptation strategies to begin applying these concepts to individual lakes of interest. Participants will then be led through activities to identify which impacts their lakes might be most vulnerable to and adaptation strategies they might employ. The ideas generated throughout the workshop could become the seeds of future climate adaptation plans for lakes in Wisconsin.

$30.00 14
Add CLMN Refresher

This workshop gives existing volunteers the opportunity to review monitoring protocol, catch up on changes, and meet with their CLMN Coordinator.

People who are considering becoming a volunteer are also encouraged to attend and see what the program is all about. This workshop includes regional updates, monitoring protocol review, dissolved oxygen meter review, supply distribution and more! 

$30.00 29
Add Everything You Wanted to Know about Farming

This workshop will explore the most prominent trends in conservation agriculture and summarize local, state and federal programs that are facilitating farmer adoption of water-friendly practices. We will conclude with a facilitated discussion of ways that lake organizations and the agricultural community can collaborate towards a healthier landscape for all. 

$30.00 16
Add Lake District Commissioners Introduction

This workshop is meant to walk you through the basics of Wisconsin’s unique lake districts and the important roles that elected and appointed commissioners play in making them work. We’ll cover the basics of Chapter 33, the state statute that governs lake districts, and other relevant rules and laws that every commissioner should know.

$30.00 28
Add Lake & River Advocacy

You’ll learn best practices, how to build an advocacy campaign, how to craft your message to the proper audiences, as well as just what you can do as a nonprofit organization under the label of lobbying. Plus, we’ll pay special attention to what you can and cannot do as an organization during an election year such as 2020. 

$30.00 16
Add Streams and Rivers: Aquatic Plants and Invasive Species

The first half of this workshop will focus on the identification and prevention of aquatic invasive species, as well as photographing, vouchering, and reporting them. The second half of this workshop will focus on the ecology and identification of the most common stream aquatic plants using specimens, plant keys, and other resources. Each participant will receive a plant identification book and additional resources.

$55.00 13
Add Volunteer Management for Water Organizations

Volunteers are an integral part of our Lakes Partnership and many local agencies and organizations count on volunteers to make specific projects successful. However, few people are trained in the fine art and science of volunteer coordination. This workshop will provide participants with best leadership practices and practical advice for recruiting, orienting, engaging, and recognizing volunteers.

$30.00 12
Add Wisconsin Mussel Monitoring Program Training

This workshop serves to train volunteers to monitor mussels, but anyone with an interest in learning more about mussels is welcome to join.

Classroom instruction will cover native mussel ecology, habitat, threats, and resiliency. Participants will also learn hands-on, how to identify native mussels using shell specimens collected from Wisconsin's lakes and rivers. We will focus on distinguishing mussels with similar growth forms and the differentiating habitats they occupy. This workshop will cover the guidelines for completing a mussel monitoring survey, as well as address the latest updates on mussel monitoring and research.

$30.00 16
Add Writing & Securing Grants Under the New Surface Water Grant Program
Writing & Securing Grants Under the New Surface Water Grant Program
$30.00 4
Add Healthy Lakes

This workshop is intended for lake and river group leaders and partners interested in doing Healthy Lakes & Rivers projects and professionals positioned to promote and support them. 

There will be plenty of time for questions, and existing participating property owners will be encouraged to share their experiences. 

$30.00 12

12:00 PM-01:30 PM
Add Wednesday Luncheon
Wednesday Luncheon
$15.00 309

01:00 PM-04:00 PM
Add Advanced Lake District Commissioner Training

Lake Districts are special purpose units of government state laws beyond Chapter 33 guide how they operate. These laws are meant to make all local governments in Wisconsin more transparent, accountable, professional, and effective. This training session will be presented by outreach staff from the UW Madison Division of Extension Local Government Center who have worked with town, village, city and county officials for many years to help them understand the laws and hold effective government meetings. We will cover open meetings law, ethics and conflicts of interest, and key methods for effective meetings and using parliamentary procedure.

$30.00 22
Add Aquatic Plant Ecology and Identification

This workshop focuses on aquatic plant ecology and identification with the use of freshly defrosted plant specimen. Learn how to distinguish plants with similar growth forms and habitats, as well as receive two plant ID books and a packet of reference material for your future use!

$55.00 11
Add Countywide, Regional Lake & River Groups

The time has come for “countywides” to come together and build a plan for the future. Designed less as a “workshop” than the kickoff to a statewide initiative to help “countywides” be stronger, more effective, and work together, we’ll spend three hours discussing successes and challenges, brainstorming goals and needs, and establishing a road map to build an organized coalition of groups on a regional and statewide basis under the umbrella of Wisconsin Lakes and the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership. Let’s spend the time we need to discover what countywides can do.

$30.00 5
Add Designing Road-Stream Crossings

Learn the proper techniques for designing road-stream crossings to improve aquatic habitat, as well as creating road-stream infrastructure more resilient to floods. A special focus of this workshop will be on alternative designs to create a resilient landscape, as well as the funding of these structures.

$30.00 12
Add Introduction to Cyanobacteria

Learn to identify and distinguish cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) with this workshop! Topics in relation to the environmental conditions, health impacts, as well as the tools used to track and report cyanobacteria will be discussed.

Intended for water professionals and field staff. 

Please bring a hand lens or magnifying glass to assist with identification.

$30.00 5
Add Lake District Treasurer Training

This workshop is designed specifically for Lake District Treasurers. Managing a lake district budget is not the same as working with finances for a lake association or other type of organization. This workshop will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to create and manage your lake district’s budget. We will cover specific compliance rules that lake districts need to follow.

$30.00 5
Add Loon Ranger

This workshop is geared toward Loon Rangers and volunteers who are participating in Loon watch's citizen science programs.

We will cover the basics for both our Annual Lakes Monitoring Program (ALMP) and this year's special 2020 Wisconsin Loon Population Survey (WLPS), and will describe the important differences between these two programs.  Learn about loon identification, behavior, ecology, habitat, threats, and protection. Discover how to identify territorial pairs, gain knowledge about nesting loons and chick phenology, as well as learning about the latest loon research updates.  Gain knowledge to fill out the Annual Lakes Monitoring form and Loon Population Survey form.  

$30.00 10
Add Planning to Plan- Before Lake Org. Strategic Planning

In order to develop a high quality strategic plan, a group must pay close attention to the process of planning. The very first step is “planning to plan” - spending time to ensure that your group understands what a strategic plan is, and examine your readiness to move forward by understanding what resources such as time, money and energy are needed for the process.

$30.00 5
Add Post-Award Grant Administration & Seeking Reimbursement
Post-Award Grant Administration & Seeking Reimbursement
$30.00 6
Add Water Action Volunteers for New Coordinators, Trainers and Mentors

Participation in the Water Action Volunteers (WAV) program helps with statewide monitoring of local streams and rivers, and volunteers are vital to this process!

This workshop is for you if: your organization would like to train your own WAV, your agency or office needs water quality date and can train/support volunteers, or you are an individual interested in mentoring volunteers to get started in WAV monitoring. 

$30.00 6